Internetwerx may be an outsourced IT provider, but strives to perform like an in-house department; the ultimate objective. That means you can expect responses to your requests in a timely manner. The team will work day and night to solve problems and find solutions with the belief that when you succeed, the partnership does as well.

Trained for Success

Garry Booth, President, has spent the past 25 years recruiting, training and mentoring the best technical talent in the marketplace. He wants the very best people on his team – so you have the very best people on your team.

Keep the technology curve in the rearview

Internetwerx stays ten steps ahead of the technology curve, and never recommends products that haven’t been thoroughly vetted. Every solution brought to your enterprise is designed for reliability and performance – backed in writing by a Service Level Agreement.

Support the 'Everywhere' network

No matter how or where you connect with your personnel, customers or vendors, Internetwerx can expertly support your network infrastructure and IT systems.

Sized to be just right

Internetwerx is large enough to deliver robust support for virtually any type of IT need, but focused enough to ensure you always enjoy a personal, positive experience.

Garry Booth


Navigating the waters from “big iron” to “big data.”

Apryl Ward

Marketing & Client Relations

She’s a developer – on a whole different level.

Michael Ortega

Service & Support

Scouting talent that thinks outside the box.

Sara Johns

Office Administrator

Administer an office full of technical staff? No problem!

Veronica DiBella

Service Coordinator

Don’t go home, and don’t go to eat, and don’t…forget to follow up. – VERONICA (a.k.a. SMOKEY)

Shawn Welker

Service & Support

Innovating new ways to manage data, one server at a time.

Brandon Burgoyne

Service & Support

Building networks that go from 0 to Gigabit in 3.5 seconds.

Don Condor

Service & Support

Believes that great customer service is like fine cuisine.

Jake Johnson

Service & Support

Unofficially, the 12th man in the field.

Gene Stair

Service & Support

Driven by a passion to keep your data safe.

Mark Crowle-Groves

Service & Support

Experience is everything, and he’s got lots of that.

Will Ortiz

Service & Support

The silent assassin…of system issues, that is.

Could this be you ?

Motivated service and support technician

We’re always looking for motivated support technicians. If this could be you, feel free to send us your resume!