Mark Crowle-Groves

Our Experts

Internetwerx may be an outsourced IT provider, but striving to perform like an in-house department is the ultimate objective. That means you can expect responses to your requests in a timely manner. The team will work day and night to solve problems and find solutions with the belief that that when you succeed, the partnership does as well.

Mark Crowle-Groves

Service and Support
Experience is everything, and he’s got lots of that.

Mark, affectionately known to us as “The Welshman”, brings more than a decade of experience to Internetwerx, with substantial expertise in enterprise architecture and a strong business acumen. You want the best in class? Keep him away from strong stouts [for the non-beersnobs, a stout is a fabulously delicious dark beer made using roasted malt or roasted barley, hops…oh, never mind].